Friday, August 29, 2014

bedroom writing

Tyler Winings
Eng7 Period 3

Bedroom Writing

Here is my room.  As I’m looking around my room I see my bayonets and wonder if my really old bayonet was actually in the war.  It’s old, dirty,dingy, blade, and it’s darker wood grips from aging.  The mintmark SS.  And the barely readable digits 1940 something.  My SKS bayonet with its shiny blade gleaming in the light with it’s black base.  Oh and my air soft gun from the 1980’s that shows light wear on the exterior.  My dad bought it in school.  My two 22 lr's  the one that is accurate with the shiny and beautiful stock and that shiny stainless steel barrel.  The receiver and the little nob to pull back for it to fire.  Then my other 22, the Mossberg 151 mb.  With the barrel that the bluing is coming off, the worn stock, and the missing top piece of the mannlicher stock. The slot in the side to load the shells into the tubular magazine.  The black receiver with the dull metal showing.

When I'm looking around I also see my Dodge posters and inside my desk my Dodge parts and emblems.  The shininess of the metal on the “PowerWagon” emblem. And the 100 and the 200 emblems.  My gauges for the battery amps and the gas to a 1970’s Dodge pickup.  My Beats headphones from christmas that I got from my grandma.  Then my painted brown dresser that used to be my great grandma’s.  My grandpa remembers it from when he was a kid.  It means a lot to me because my Great Grandma Winings passed away on my grandma’s birthday two years ago.  She was 93 years old.  I’m rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

six word story

                                      Good things happen when you Hunt