Wednesday, November 26, 2014

acrostic poem

                                                      Good way to have fun
                                                      Under our control
                                                      Never boring
                                                      Shooting targets is the best way to have fun

Name Poem

                                                            It means hunter, shooter, and friend.
                                                            It is the number 56
                                                            It is like a jump out and bite you deep color
                                                            It is target shooting.
                                                            It is the memory of Allan
                                                            Who taught me to work hard and do things right.
                                                            When he works hard I realize I can to
                                                             My name is Tyler
                                                             It means guns, family, and friends

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Motivator about Blind sight

If you want to win a Basketball game, a Football game, or a goal it takes teamwork.  This theme means to me that to accomplish things you need teamwork.  When the instructors helped the blind kids in Blindsight the movie it took teamwork to get to the top.  The instructors guided them up the mountain and reached them how to climb.  It relates to my life because my team in sports needs teamwork to win games.  It’s like Football, without linemen, quarterback, wide receiver’s and many more you could not score.  The quarterback would get tackled without linemen to guard them.  When the soldiers need to shoot a cannon like below it takes teamwork.  They need a coordinator, loader, a team to shoot it.  A lot of things needs teamwork to accomplish it.  This is what teamwork means to me.

Friday, November 14, 2014

american freedom

American Freedom

American freedom to me is the right to bear arms, bravery, and war.  Freedom isn’t free.  American soldiers throughout the years died for our freedom and our country.
These are the important things to me.  War is one of them because we have fought and been involved in a lot of wars including: Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  There is a lot more wars that U.S has been involved but there is to many to mention. From all the wars the death rate ranges from 150 million-1 billion people.  Now do you see how freedom isn’t free?
The next important thing to me is the Right to Bear Arms.  The Bill of Rights Act in 1689 allowed for Protestant citizenry to have arms for their Defense suitable to their conditions.  The right to bear arms let’s us defend our families from other people who wants to hurt us bad.  Guns also help us for food.  We can then hunt for food.  We also need them for war, or we would be defenseless and would get taken over by another country.  Not that many people realize how useful guns are.  Gun don’t kill people, people kill people.
The last important thing to me is bravery.  Soldiers volunteered to fight for our country, they didn't have to risk and sacrifice their lives for us, but they wanted to.  Soldiers care about their country and what we stand for.  If you see a veteran or a soldier tell them thank you for their service, they were the brave ones and put their lives on the line for us.

The conclusion of my essay on what freedom means to me is that freedom isn’t free and that we are so lucky to have all of the things we have.  The most important things to me is bravery, war, The right to bear arms.  If it weren’t for soldiers we wouldn’t be talking english.  My advice to you is think about the millions of americans who went to war and are risking their lives for you right now to have what you have.  If you see a veteran, shake his hand and tell him that you appreciate his service very much and that you could never thank him enough.  The things I learned was that war,  bravery, and The Right to Bear Arms.