Friday, December 12, 2014

Fort Randall Dam Poem

We drive in
with camper and boat lined
up like a train
we meet our friends
me and my friends
go down below
the dam
we fish
my friend gets a snag
he keeps pulling
you can hear the fishing pole,
the pole broke
and hit him like
a whip in the back
he's crying
we see his back
it looks like a whip 
did hit him
his mom calms him down
it was his
dad's pole
afraid that 
his dad would be mad
he tells him
his mom backs him up
his dad understands
we gather around
the campfire
use the Can Cooker
I'm dared to eat
a minnow cooked
I put the minnow
in the can
put it over the
it's crispy when i took a bite out of it
it tastes horrible
the next day
we ride in the back
of the pickup
haul the boat
to the dock
we see Darik
and his family
we load the boat
in the water
and drive away
we get by a cove
put our life jackets
on and SPLASH!
we float
when we leave
we put our lifejackets
on the motor cover
we look back
one lifejacket
flew away
we were sad
went for a ride
in the boat
life is good
on the Missouri river
in Nebraska

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