Friday, February 20, 2015

College Essay

Ty Winings

February 18, 2015

College Essay

Ever since I shot my first gun I was fascinated.  Guns fascinate me, that is why I want to become a gunsmith.  I then can repair and redo other people’s guns.  Gunsmithing takes a lot of money to get started, so you want to maybe have another job.  People think guns are useless and dangerous, but they aren’t.  They help us get food and they're a good investment.  Guns can only be controlled by the user.  What would you do if the grocery stores weren’t here anymore, well you hunt for your family.  Guns are a big part of my life, and that is why I want to go to college for a gunsmith.

My goals for my future is to become a gunsmith and go to college like Trinidad State College.  Some gunsmithing schools have sports to.  In gunsmithing school they have work spaces with tons of tools to create your own gun.  Guns can come in all sorts of calibers.  Their accuracy all depends on it’s rifling.  Think of rifling as a spiral football throw, the more the spiral the better accuracy it’s going to have.  It spins the bullet so when it comes out of the barrel it’s stabilized by it’s spinning motion.  Gunsmiths can also fabricate parts for guns.  For an example; lets say John has a Marlin Model 43 12 Gauge shotgun and it needs a new firing pin, well he can’t get the firing pin that he needs because they aren’t made anymore, well a good gunsmith should be able to make one.  Gunsmiths are very important to the people out in the sticks, who cant get parts anymore and need them for their deer rifle to be able to fire.  Gunsmiths can also make a lot of money.

College education will help me reach my goals because it will teach me how to create guns and repair them.  College will help me make correct measurements, which is important so your gun wont blow up because the barrel is two small for the bullet but the chamber is the right size for the cartridge.  I will also need to make rifling for guns that needs a new barrel.  You have to be very precise with creating rifling, one flaw can screw up the bullet’s stability in flight and make it tumble instead of spin, which is not accurate at all.  I also will learn how to recrown gun barrels.  When you have a bad part of a barrel or want it cut down you will want to recrown the barrel so it whirls out of the barrel correctly.  I will be able to refinish them, in meaning redoing the wood and re-blue the barrel.  I can also make barrels and stocks.  A gun stock takes the recoil and makes the gun more comfortable.  You can’t hold the gun receiver and the barrel in your hand and expect to fire it and have it not kick or feel uncomfortable.

The people who inspire me is my grandpa and my dad.  My grandpa taught my dad how to hunt and took him hunting.  My dad passed that on to me and I can teach my kids someday how to hunt.  My dad also taught me about guns.  My dad works hard.  My grandpa also works hard.  My dad and grandpa always tells me to work hard and do your task right the first time, so then you don’t have to redo it.  Time is money and I won’t have time to redo a mistake I made, especially as a gunsmith.

College is very important to achieve my goal, without colleges who would teach us how to do things.  I’m looking forward to college already.  I will be excited when I graduate high school.  Gunsmithing college takes about 2 years to complete it.  It has a lot of workspace too.  Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a little bit about guns and where I want to go to college.