Friday, April 17, 2015

Interview Essay

Interview Essay

My dad inspires me.  He taught me to do things right the first time.  My dad is 39 years old and has lived in O’Neill ever since he was 8 years old.  He is a graduate of St.Mary’s and has lived here ever since.  He works for my grandpa and himself too.
My dad, Jeff has done a lot for our family and I’m grateful that he is my father.  He was born in Cambridge, Nebraska on October 31, 1975.  He lived in Atkinson, Nebraska until 1983.  In 1983 my grandmother bought a flower shop in town, which is now Sunrise Floral.  When my grandparents  moved here they rented houses until they finally came to the conclusion to buy the house they still occupy today.  My dad’s best friend, Aaron Walters lived about a 1/4 mile down the road from where they live.  They would go hunting, ride four wheelers, bikes, street bikes and many more things.  They practically grew up with each other.  To this day Aaron’s parents still own the same house and so does my grandparents.  Aaron still lives here too.  My dad, Aaron, and I go target shooting and hang out.  My dad graduated in 1994.
My dad works at AJ Feeders Supply which is owned by my grandpa.  My dad dispatches 2 trucks and also drives a truck for himself.  He hauls grain, potatoes, popcorn, cattle, and shortly he will be hauling rock.  He decided to work there because my grandpa needed help.  My dad started working their in 1997.  He has been working there for 18 years and is still.   
The lesson my dad has learned in life is don’t live in the past and learn from your mistakes.  My dad taught me to work hard and do things right the first time.  My dad is most proud of his family and we love him too.  If my dad could change one thing in life it would be that he took the chances or if he could go back and do the things he passed up on.

My dad inspires me the most because he works hard and supports his family.  Just like I will too someday.  Things wouldn’t be the same without my dad, because he takes me shooting, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, jeeping, and he does fun things with me.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Australia Travel Report


Do you like swimming?  If you do then you’ve came to the right place.  Australia has 10,685 beaches for you to bask in the sun or go out for a swim.  It has blue water that is crystal clear.  You can fish, dive, snorkel, surf, kayak, and more!  They also have many animal species.  If you like to hunt you can hunt kangaroos.  Today I will be teaching you about the animals, fun things to do, climate, and the land.

There are over 4000 species of fish, 378 mammal species, 878 species of birds, 300 lizard species, 140 snake species, 2 crocodile species, 50 types of marine animals, and they also have penguins.  Who would have thought that Australia would have penguins, since it is not cold.  Australia is home of the tasmanian devil, Taz off of Looney Tunes is one too.  Koala bears, monotremes, which is the platypus and the echidna and dingos live their too.  Dingos are dogs of the plains Australia’s two crocodiles are the saltwater and
the freshwater crocodiles.

Some of the activities include; swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing and many more.  There is also snowboarding and skiing.  I would have never imagined that they receive snowfall.  You can also go hiking or biking in the mountains, valleys, or just on the trails.  Don’t be fooled, Australia is definitely worth the money to go.

The climate in Australia is warm and sunny.  Australia has the school of air, which is for children in remote areas of the outback.  They receive radio transmissions to be taught, in meaning, teachers message the kids with radios.  Australia has 10,685 beaches.  Australia is the only continent that is also a country.  Did you know that Australia was once a British colony?  It is home of the Great Barrier Reef.  It can be seen from outer space. Now thats what I call a big reef.

Australia is a very beautiful and fun country.  If you ever get the chance to go to Australia, GO!  I would like to go personally by myself and just explore the country.  Thanks for listening, and I hope that it is your next destination.